2016 is done, ready, and served. A new year is about to hit the oven, and with it, new resolutions. Here at Pop Pie Co., we are all about goals. We are also about making sure our staff can meet their own goals, by feeling supported personally and professionally. As we forge forward into a new year with many unknowns, we remember what we have accomplished and use those achievements as our guide to do even better. At Pop Pie Co., our new year's resolution is sustainable consistency.

For us it's all about sustainability and that means continuing to provide a consistently delicious product and outstanding customer service. We get asked about growth and expansion quite a bit and though it's something any business owner has to evaluate, we want to appreciate and enjoy what we have and further solidify our place in the community.

We're excited to be launching new business hours effective this Sunday, January 1st. We will now operate daily from 8am-9pm. We have plans to get deeper involved in our community and have a list of organizations we'd like to work with to give back in any way we can. When it comes to our pie family, our employees, we will work hard to retain as many of our core team members as possible. We started with six employees and have grown to thirteen! We recently added medical benefits for full time employees and we're also finding leaders within the group who will be taking on bigger roles. We really are a close group and we want to keep it that way.

Each morning we wake up knowing that we're responsible for the livelihood of 13 individuals and their families and this is something we take very seriously. We keep our finger on the pulse of every aspect of the business and are constantly making micro adjustments to make sure our early successes continue. Our goal with Pop Pie Co. was and is to continue introducing pie to San Diegans in a way that they'd never seen before. Being the first pie specific shop in the area, we felt a strong sense of responsibility to present pie in the best way possible. Our recipes aren't specific to any one region of the world, but rather a collection of pie styles. We did a ton of work and research before writing our business plan and then we began to test our pies in community pop-ups. We believe the community responded so well to what we're doing not only because the product is delicious, but also because they feel the love and passion in everything we do.

We're not serial entrepreneurs making random investments and seeing what sticks. We put our money where our heart is. It does mean we have to work extra hard to accomplish things, but when you're doing something you love, no amount of work will hold us back. If in the future our hard work and dedication allow us to open our hearts to another project, you (our blog readers) will be the first to know.

Happy New Year, from Pop Pie Co. May everything you bake, turn out perfectly.

Hello 2017,
Steven Torres and Gan Suebsarakham