Meet The Space

When you think of a place to buy a pie, you may think of a rustic farm house, or a 1950's diner. While we love those aesthetic ideas too, we were motivated to surprise our customers by having them enjoy our pie and coffee in a bright, monochromatic contemporary space with warm, industrial details. We want our patrons to feel at home in a quintessential, 21st-century Southern Californian eatery that is memorable and beautiful, but benefits from today's best sustainable practices in architecture and design.

We were thrilled to work with Andy McCabe, our architect who put our vision into motion and designed the space. Steven and Chef Gan worked closely with Andy on selecting the materials, fine-tuning the layout, and provided input on every aspect of the design as Andy did his magic to interpret all of that feedback and blueprint what has become our pride and joy of a space.

Andy is employed by Bluemotif Architecture firm in Little Italy, the firm that won the prestigious Orchid from the San Diego Architectural Foundation for their design of Kettner Exchange, but is taking clients on his own with TecScape architecture. As a client of TecScape, we were able to have Andy's caliber and experience while meeting our own budget and scope.

Our focus throughout the process was to create a space that aligned with our fast-casual pies & coffee concept. Though we were always mindful of how the bigger picture was coming together and how it would all look as one cohesive space, we realized it all came downwere all things that to the little details. A well laid-out counter, community seating, and a nice sized patio were important to us.

There are lots of black and whites with various wood accents throughout. Some highlights to note are the beautiful and unique Swiss cross tiles from Ann Sacks. We fell in love with the tile the moment we laid eyes on it.

Our back counter service area and kitchen were both designed with efficiency in mind. We wanted our staff to spend more time doing what they're great at, and less time shuffling around and wearing themselves out.

The construction process is that it requires a lot of patience. The way we launched Pop Pie Co. was somewhat unique, in that we rolled out our products much in advance of our shop opening. With so many steps in the process from permits to inspections, we have always held back in releasing an official opening date because there are many variables and factors we can't control. Delays seem to be the norm in restaurant tenant improvements, but we've pushed forward!
Whenever we walk into 4404 Park Boulevard, we feel a sense of home, knowing that we spared no thought into refining every detail and bringing together all the elements that mattered to us. We find the result to be beautiful, well-done, and truly inspired. We hope you do too.