Photos by Julie Rings @aestheticsofcoffee

Here at Pop Pie Co., we are passionate about our craft. When the time came to build our team, we set out to find equally passionate people. We wanted to offer them the freedom to express their strengths and bring their A game. They had to have personality and general DOUGHPE-ness. Everyone we work with is excited to grow our concept and be a part of the family here in University Heights. With no further ado, meet the starting lineup. 

Katherine Hooper
At baker, we have Kate, from Coronado by way of Chicago. Our tattooed pin-up mom on the team, she’s perfect as our baker because she comes with great experience working with pastry, and has a warm family-oriented personality.


Kristi Walker
Also at baker, we have Kristi, hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Referred by local baking extraordinaire Chrissy Stothers from Black Magic Bakery, Kristi is the right mix of fun tastebuds, attention to detail, and creativity.


Brandon Sanders
At barista, we have our coffee ninja Brandon. An Oregon transplant, we met Brandon during our academic journey a few years ago, we saw firsthand his ability to multitask and deploy in a coffee operation. We enjoyed his proactive approach and genuine personality.

By the way, check out the Ninja warrior working hard on his other fine craft:


Max Dimitrov
Also at barista, we have the talented coffee expert Max, a highly skilled and well-respected barista joining our team from the bar-setting of San Diego classic coffee families: Bird Rock Coffee Roasters and Caffe Calabria. A self-starter and hard worker with a background in food, Max, along with Brandon, will bring a smiling face and excellent service to the front of the shop.


We are still building our team. In a few months you may see more fresh faces that we will introduce you to. But for now, say hello to our core four! And don’t hesitate to be chatty with them if you catch them at our shop when it opens. We want you to experience what we already love about them.