At Pop Pie Co., we made a huge effort to put great care into how we planned this pie enterprise. We worked hard on dialing in our pie recipes and signature all-butter crust so that our pies would always reflect craft and a genuine love of quality food. We also worked on our coffee program so that our coffees would be more than just a cup of joe, we wanted to be in the vanguard of specialty coffee outposts in town working together to raise the palate of coffee drinkers in San Diego. We use the same effort and care to building our team, so that you not only enjoy the high standard of your food and drink, but also have an excellent customer service experience. Here are the amazing new recruits to complement our starting line up!

Felipe Gutierrez
Felipe is our happy-go-lucky cook, with over 20 years of experience working in restauraunts. He and his wife Maria worked at Little B’s in North Park. Felipe is attentive both in the kitchen and to customers, we are lucky to have him helping out behind the scenes.

Maria Luna Gonzalez
Maria is a kitchen superstar, and she’ll be helping us prep for the long days of pie slingin’. She has been working in restaurants for over 15 years and loves engaging with customers. She and her husband Felipe work extremely hard to provide for their two daughters, one who's in college at UC Santa Barbara. They are both from Nayarit, Mexico.

Antonio Carrillo
Our new barista Antonio is a student and he recently started riding a motorcycle. He's an experienced barista who worked at Das Cortez in the past. He recently turned 21 and the first thing he wanted to do was work at Pop Pie Co., because, you know, we’re #lifegoals. 

Troy Truong

Rounding out our barista team is Bay Area native, Troy. He made the rounds working in third wave coffee shops in the Bay. He wants to see as much of the world as he can, and looks forward to some travel – especially when he can drink legally.

Rowena Lomboy
Ro specializes in customer experience and will be front and center welcoming our patrons and keeping us in ship shape. She loves yoga, the beach, travel, and making people smile, so we had to put her talents to use. As a former college classmate of Steven’s – we know she’s awesome. Be sure to say hi and feel free to approach her with any questions!