There are so many pie-ssibilities choosing the right pie on #NationalPieDay which is this Monday, January 23rd. So in order to help you with your selections, here’s a comprehensive guide to finding your #PiePersonality at Pop Pie Co. Each personality connects to a menu item from their menu, here.

 For the Traditionalist, you enjoy the classic, timeless things in life | Classic Chicken Pot Pie

For the Comfort Seeker, you gravitate towards those savory parts of life that leave your heart & stomach feeling, warm, content, & full | Steak & Ale

For the Charcutier, not only do you appreciate French Cuisine, but you’re also a huge advocate for all-buttery crusts combined with a French inspired meal | Tourte Au Chou

For the Thai Guy / Gal, you can never resist the exotic flavors of coconut or curry. You go out on a limb for things in life, including a coconut 😉 | Green Curry Chicken

For the Safe Spice Lover, you enjoy spicy foods, you enjoy adventure, just as long as it’s safe. You know, it’s spicy but it’s also creamy | Creamy Poblano and Corn “Rajas” Pie

For the Vegan or Supportive Friend of Vegan, either you’re vegan or you want to support your friend’s decision, you know that some sweetheart potatoes make you love this lifestyle | Mushroom & Ale

For the Morning Person, you’re the optimist. You see the potential in the day ahead & you know a hearty breakfast is the only way to begin to tap into such potential. You’re the boss | The Boss

For the Breakfast Person, not to be confused with the morning person. You’re simply awake because of your affection for breakfast, a specialty one at that | Brekkie My Ham

For the Sweetheart, simply you believe life should be sweet in all ways | Coconut Cream Pie

For the Nostalgia Enthusiast, you love reminiscing. On the past, on that London Fog you had during your last Euro-trip, on the day you met your best friend | London Fog Earl Gray

For the Desi Arnaz, you appreciate a cuban classic dessert, but also dancing | Guava Cream Cheese Hand Pie

For the Summer Lover, you refuse to acknowledge other seasons and your taste in desserts reflects just this. You close your eyes and it’s a scene from your last 4th of July celebration | Mixed Berry & Cream Cheese Hand Pie

For the Hopeless Romantic,  you’re captivated by love, you romanticize the everyday, you appreciate the richness of life and chocolate | German Chocolate Fudge

For the Granny Remix, you grew up obsessing over all your dear Grandma’s creations, but over time your tastes matured. You crave similar things, but now with a twist of adventure | Pear Cranberry Apple W/ Ginger Crumble

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