National Pie Year > National Pie Day

We are as stoked as everybody else is about #NationalPieDay. But here, we live and breathe the quest of crafting delicious pie for more than just one day, week or month. At Pop Pie Co., it’s always National Pie Year. It’s only appropriate! Although the delicious tartness of cranberries, the crispness of warm green beans with the crunch of fried onions, and the sweet candied nuttiness of pecan all evoke the delicious nostalgic aromas and flavors of the holiday season—we have so much more we want to show you.

Our innovating in the kitchen wasn’t just special for the holidays. Our mission continues, to create pies that represent the diverse palates we aim to please, that represent the melting pot of San Diego. We are proud to announce officially that we will rotate a special, featured pie every few weeks. And they will be announced right here on pie life.

Every pie we release is a result of a careful process of review. We look at the menu to ensure we always have a protein for everybody. We go to great lengths in always being mindful of the flavors in the menu, and keeping it in balance. Chef Gan and his team value the creative challenge about what can go into a pie. Gan comes up with the concept and he tests it out in several versions. The cooks take the first taste, then members of the rest of the staff, and finally Steven who really approaches it like a customer would. We incorporate everyone’s expertise and perspectives. The team needs to feel very confident in the next flavor before we bring it out for the public to try.

That’s because everything we do is for you, our customers. We are aware of the complex and beautiful diversity that surrounds us. We want our patrons to feel like they experience the flavors of their neighborhood in our menu.  For example, we’ve featured Red Chile Pork, a staple of Hispanic and Latin American holiday dishes.

The next major calendar holiday will be Lunar New Year and we have developed an amazing pie based conceptually on quintessential flavors throughout the cuisines of Asia, where many countries celebrate the New Year based on the lunar calendar. It's our Five-Spice Pork Pie with Shiitake.

Accompanying it, the popular dessert root Taro, a purple yam-like vegetable, will be made into a fantastic Taro hand pie that has the mild creamy sweetness Taro-lovers know and relish.


We are determined in making sure that throughout the year, each and everyone of our patrons have a profound experience with one of our pie flavors, no matter who they are. We want them to feel their own personality in the pie, or the personalities of our chefs, cooks, and staff—who all contribute to the culture of the shop and in turn, contribute to the concepts of the pies.

Our year of amazing creations was kicked off by Piret’s Tourte Au Chou: ground pork, cabbage, bacon, onion, black pepper & sea salt served with a side of whole grain Dijon mustard imported from France. We collaborated with legendary San Diego chef, Mr. Jack Monaco in recreating the popular pie from the George and Piret Munger Cookbook, a book Mr. Monaco greatly contributed to. Mr. Monaco, who is now partially retired, was the Executive Chef and VP or Operations for the restaurant Piret’s, and Tourte Au Chou recipe came to Piret’s via their first charcutier, who was from the Eastern French town of Nantua and built a career in charcuteries throughout Lyon, a culinary capital in France. Local chef, Andrew Spurgin, who worked with Mr. Monaco as Director or Piret's Catering has kept the spirit of the savory Tourte Au Chou alive and well throughout the years. The ingredients in this recipe provide for robust and extraordinarily balanced flavors that combined with chef Gan’s signature all-butter crust, make for a special French culinary experience.

Remember that at Pop Pie Co., there are always a few ideas in the oven. We never stop dreaming about what a pie could be. As we look at our calendar and see #NationalPieDay, we are also marking days deep into the future for us to debut brand new savory and sweet pies that we are excited to share with you.