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12 Ways To Pie: Horoscopes to Eat By

It’s #NationalPieDay, and did you know that your love for this flaky buttery pastry could be written in the stars? In the spirit of this day honoring our favorite baked delectable, here’s your February pie horoscope. Will the month ahead bring a much-needed change of flavor? Will it be a month of feasting or will you be served up humble pie instead? The stars hold the answer, and Pop Pie Co. will be there for you to dish up the comfort food or victory meal. Aries (March 20-April 19) — This month is all about experimenting. It’s the perfect month to try a new pie every time you have one. If you’ve been the classic chicken pot pie all your...

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National Pie Year > National Pie Day

We are as stoked as everybody else is about #NationalPieDay. But here, we live and breathe the quest of crafting delicious pie for more than just one day, week or month. At Pop Pie Co., it’s always National Pie Year. It’s only appropriate! Although the delicious tartness of cranberries, the crispness of warm green beans with the crunch of fried onions, and the sweet candied nuttiness of pecan all evoke the delicious nostalgic aromas and flavors of the holiday season—we have so much more we want to show you. Our innovating in the kitchen wasn’t just special for the holidays. Our mission continues, to create pies that represent the diverse palates we aim to please, that represent the melting pot...

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There are so many pie-ssibilities choosing the right pie on #NationalPieDay which is this Monday, January 23rd. So in order to help you with your selections, here’s a comprehensive guide to finding your #PiePersonality at Pop Pie Co. Each personality connects to a menu item from their menu, here.  For the Traditionalist, you enjoy the classic, timeless things in life | Classic Chicken Pot Pie For the Comfort Seeker, you gravitate towards those savory parts of life that leave your heart & stomach feeling, warm, content, & full | Steak & Ale For the Charcutier, not only do you appreciate French Cuisine, but you’re also a huge advocate for all-buttery crusts combined with a French inspired meal | Tourte Au Chou For the Thai Guy / Gal, you can never resist the exotic flavors of coconut...

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