Pie and Side Combo

Pair a side with any savoury pie or quiche for only $3


Classic Chicken  10
Chicken breast, garden vegetables, pearl onions, creamy herb sauce

Steak & Ale 10.5
Slow-braised beef, carrots, mushrooms, fresh herbs, barley, butter beans, dark ale gravy

Green Hog & Cheese  10
Braised pork shoulder, blend of tomatillo, roasted poblano, jalapeño chiles, jack cheese

Aussie Meat  10
Iconic grab-and-go pastry from down under, featuring vegemite and Worcestershire sautéed with mince beef, tomato and onion. (Have it with ketchup to do it the Aussie way)

Roasted Veggies & Yellow Curry  10 Ve
Roasted cauliflower, sweet potato, mushroom, yellow squash, red onion, carrot, coconut milk

Mushroom Ricotta Pizza Pot Pie  10 V
Mushroom, ricotta, marinara sauce, red onion, black olive, garlic, fresh basil, parmesan, mozzarella cheese

$1 off hot and ready price


"The Boss" Breakfast Pie  10
Applewood smoked bacon, two cracked farm eggs (firm), cheddar & jack cheese, topped with spiced hash browns, served with a side of maple sauce *Served until 1pm or sold out

Soyrizo, Egg & Cheese Pie 10
Soyrizo, scrambled eggs, mushroom, red bell pepper, cheddar & jack cheese *Served until 1pm or sold out

Ham, Bacon, Chive & Cheese  8
Smoked ham, bacon, chives, jack & cheddar, eggs, creme fraiche

Mushroom & Leek  8  V
Roasted oyster mushrooms, citrus leeks, sun-dried tomato, farm eggs, creme fraiche

Sausage Roll  6
Minced pork, bacon, celery, onion, garlic, signature all-butter laminated pastry, white sesame seeds

Whole Quiche 36
9” Quiche (5 slices)
* See staff for availability  

Single (1 serving) / Family (3 servings)

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy  4 / 9
Skin-on red potato and cauliflower mash, chicken gravy

Creamed Corn  4 / 9 V
Corn, cream cheese reduction, dash of salt & pepper

Kale Slaw  4  / 9 Ve
Kale, tahini, thin lemon slices, pumpkin seeds, quinoa

V- vegetarian

Ve- vegan



Salted Caramel Apple 7
Fresh Fuji, Red Delicious, and Granny Smith apples, orange zest, spices, topped with an old fashioned oat crumble and a house-made salted caramel sauce

Key Lime 7
A smooth and creamy light textured pie with the tangy flavours of fresh key limes, topped with a cloud of whip and key lime zest

Coconut Cream 7
Young coconut meat, coconut milk, toasted coconut, whipped cream

Strawberry Rhubarb 7 Ve
Fresh rhubarb and strawberries in our house citrus spice blend, topped with an old fashioned oat crumble
*à la mode +$2


9” Sweet Pie (6 Slices) 35
*See staff for availability
**assorted/build your own +$2


Guava Cream Cheese 5
Our pie-take on the classic Cuban pastry. Guava, cream cheese, signature all-butter crust

Lemon Curd & Mixed Berry 5
Lemon curd, mixed berry (strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry)


Chocolate Chip Walnut   3.25
Oatmeal Golden Raisin  3.25


Salted Caramel Apple Piescream (Serves 1-2)  10
One slice of warm Salted Caramel Apple Crumble pie between two scoops of Madagascar Vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream, a caramel sauce drizzle & an old-fashioned oat crumble. Served in a 16 oz. cup.

Ube + Coconut Piescream (Serves 1-2)  10
One slice of Coconut Cream Pie between two scoops of Ube + Pandesal Toffee ice cream, topped with whipped cream, a condensed milk drizzle & coconut flakes. Served in a 16 oz. cup.


Add a scoop of handmade Madagascar Vanilla ice cream* on top of any sweet pie

*featuring Stella Jean’s Ice Cream

V- vegetarian

Ve- vegan


Coffee & Tea

Drip 12oz  -  3.25
Espresso (Double Shot)  3.25
Americano 12oz  3.25
Cortado 4oz  4
Flat White 8oz  4.5
Cappuccino 8oz  4.5
Latte 12oz  5
Affogato  6
Mocha 12oz  6
Hot Chocolate  3.5
Cold Brew 16oz  4.5
New Orleans Iced Coffee 16oz  5.5
Matcha Latte 12oz  6
Hojicha Latte 12oz  6
Chai Tea Latte 12oz  5
London Fog 12oz  5
Hot Tea 12oz  4


Almond or Oat Milk +.75
Add Espresso Shot +1

Add House-Made Sweeteners +.5
Madagascar Vanilla, Caramel, Honey Cinnamon, Vanilla Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Fruit Loop (Lavender + Citrus)

Add Crystal Boba to Iced Drinks
Brown Sugar, Lychee

Please Note: All espresso drinks come standard with two shots of espresso. Most drinks are available iced in a 16oz cup. We respectfully decline mods not on this or on our specials menu.

Beer & Cider

*University Heights ONLY


Orderville 8
IPA • Modern Times • 7.2% • 16oz

Plenty For All 7
Pilsner • Fall Brewing • 4.9% • 12oz

Barrio Lager 7
Lager • Thorn Brewing • 4.5% • 12oz


Pacific Pineapple 6
2Towns • 5%

Prickly Pearadise 6
2Towns • 5.3%


Iced Tea 20oz  3.25
Lemonade 20oz  3.25
Arnold Palmer 20oz  3.25
Horchata 16oz  3.25
Matcha Lemonade 16oz  5.5
Matcha Horchata 16oz  5.5
Mexican Coke  3.5
Topo Chico  3.5
Root Beer  3
Diet Coke (Can)  2
Bottled Water  1.5

Please Note: Beer sales are available at our University Heights location.

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